Remote Learning

Congratulations! Week 8 PAWS Raffle Winners ~~~ Grade 6 Maeve Doherty Responsibility ~~~ Grade 7 Ella Cormier Responsibility ~~~ Grade 8 Nathan Cardin Resourcefulness ~~~ Everyone keep up the great work!! ~~~

Hello Wilmington Middle School Students and Families,

I hope all is well with you. We are on the home stretch!! We have five days left of this strange school year. The last few weeks of every year seem to fly by, and last week was an example of how that is still happening. With the help of many wonderful staff members, we were able to bundle, label, organize, and distribute belongings to almost 700 students and have less than 30 yearbooks and five instruments to disseminate still. I am incredibly grateful for my staff and wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it without them. I am also thankful for all of you and your continued patience and understanding during last week. It was hard to plan and schedule, and I appreciate your flexibility. For those who still have items to pick up, I have sent you a separate email with information on pick-up.  

With this being the last full week of school, I would be remiss in not mentioning the importance of getting in touch with your teachers to see if there is any material that they would like your student to complete. Although our grading system is not something that we are used to, it is crucial for your student to be involved and participate in the lessons the teachers are covering. 

The development of the grading scale described is to provide the maximum flexibility to students during this time. Here are some essential points for you regarding how the grades will look for the final term:

  • Fourth-quarter will run from May 4th through June 15th;
  • Teachers will be using the range Participated (PA), Partially Participated (PPA), and Not Participated (DNPA) in all subjects;
  • Grades for the Third and Fourth Quarter will not have an impact on students’ final class averages.  Final grades will be the average of the first and second quarters only
  • Quarter 4 will close on June 15th;
  • Grades will be posted in Aspen by June 22nd; and 
  • We are working on potential additional comments codes that will be added for Quarter 4. There will be more details to follow. 
  • The expectation is that all students are engaged and completing the assignments in their remote learning. Teachers, counselors, and administrators will continue to be reaching out to ensure that this is happening. Your student should be contacting their teachers to ensure that they have completed any assignments during Quarter 4. 

Thank you, and I hope that you remain safe and healthy. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  


Dr. Quirk